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Bury the Fax Machine, It’s Email Era

In case you don’t already know, fax machines are a thing of the past. However, plenty of businesses still use them. According to spiceworks.com, approximately 82% of organizations still use the fax machine. The fax machine has had its run for decades. For the older generation, it is what they grew up with and understand. For the newer generation, however, the more relevant form of communication is e-mailing. Here are some reasons why people shouldn’t use them any longer and let e-mail finally take over!

Although some people feel the fax is more secure and less risky, it is in fact quite a security problem. Fax machines are often in a public space, which means anyone can ease by and pick up or look at some faxed documents that contain confidential or personal information. Although e-mailing to wrong email addresses is possible, it is actually more likely to dial a wrong fax number and accidentally send your documents elsewhere successfully. Overall, you’re documents can likely end up in the wrong hands and then you have to worry about how to either store or dispose the documents.

Let’s also talk about the inconvenience of the fax when it’s connected to the same telephone line a company uses. This means it can prevent calls from coming in or being made. Also, if the fax is busy, your documents can get lost. If you’re planning on sending a 40 page pile of paper, you may want to reconsider on the fact of how long it will take the fax to be completed.

One of the biggest inconveniences is the environmental toll using so much paper can take on our planet. E-mailing cuts down on the paper count. So let’s encourage all our clients to embrace new habits and let go of the old ones. If businesses continue to use fax machines, your customers will never feel the need to learn to use others ways of communication, plus, emailing isn’t a machine that can break down.