Defensive Driving Safety Tips

Defensive Driving Safety Tips You could have years of driving experience on the road, racked up hundreds of thousands of miles, but your experience may not be your most useful tool when uncontrollable situations occur. Here are some tips on driving defensively and preventing accidents that could raise your insurance premium through the roof. Don’t […]

Prepare This Winter With A Car Emergency Kit

Prepare This Winter With A Car Emergency Kit Winter is known for accidents when slipping on icy, and snowy roads. In some events, there have been massive pileups of cars that drift continuously until the end up on top of one another. In 2015, a 56 car pileup was reported in Pennsylvania killing one person.¬†Because […]

Halloween: Pranks, Pumpkins & Property Crime

Halloween: Pranks, Pumpkins & Property Crime Halloween is once again among us! Everyone ready to celebrate has their pumpkins carved, their decorations up, and if their not wearing their costumes to work or school,¬†they’re are ready for this afternoon’s trick-or-treating action. The National Retail Federation has reported that 171 million Americans will celebrate Halloween this […]

Driverless Cars Predicted To Be Safer

Technology without a doubt, is catching up to our society day by day. Since the invention of motor vehicles themselves, there has not been a greater technological advance in auto industry, then driverless cars. They’ll be equipped with sensory apparatuses that feed into the vehicle’s computer system, including radars, lasers and cameras. Developers are perfecting […]