New Feature on Selective App: Electronic Auto IDs

The Selective mobile app now has the ability to let your customers save their electronic auto ID card to their mobile devices.* This new feature gives you the ease of having their electronic auto ID card readily available even when not connected to the internet. The electronic auto ID card is accepted by law enforcement […]

Designing the Perfect Business Card

Designing the Perfect Business Card  A principle part to your company’s marketing strategy is a business card. It is an efficient way of personally offering a remembrance of the services you provide to potential customers. Throughout the years, there has been research as to how certain components of your business card can impact your company’s image and […]

Small Businesses and Cyber Attacks

Small Businesses and Cyber Attacks Are you  a small business owner that’s heard of cyber attacks but has never really considered it a real threat to your company? Well, think again. Recent statistics about small business security has discovered that 43% of cyber attacks target small businesses. Only 14% of small businesses can say their […]

How to Take Advantage of Slow Winters

How to Take Advantage of Slow Winters Winter is definitely a slower time for contracting businesses. Although you may have enough business to keep you afloat, don’t look at this season as an absolute waste. Instead, learn how to take advantage of slow winters and turn this time into something beneficial for your company. This […]

Heated Floors & Driveways

Heated Floors & Driveways Heated floors and driveways are a relatively new concept but definitely an attractive and convenient one. As an electrician, it would be best to prepare your business to offer heated floor and driveways installations, otherwise you could be missing out on the extra buck. As this concept grows, the market for heated […]

Ice Dam Dangers

Ice Dam Dangers Although ice dams can be beautiful, they also cause a potential danger. Forming icicles can actually be a sign of an ice dam, especially when the temperature’s outside are below freezing. An ice dam forms when there is melting snow on the roof caused by rising heat from inside the home, warming […]

Holiday Safety at the Workplace

Holiday Safety at the Workplace The holiday season is full of festivities! Christmas is the most decorative holiday of all year. When decorating your office, be sure to make safety your top priority and avoid any holidays mishaps. Here are some tips to follow when you’re preparing your office for the holiday.     Office Decoration […]

The Pros and Cons of Cancellation Fees

The Pros and Cons of Cancellation Fees Many businesses implement cancellation fees into their contracts to avoid service interruptions that could impact their production. For example, doctors have a 24-hour cancellation fee. The amount of time you have to cancel depends on the business itself. Although cancellations fees has its pros, it also comes with […]

Home Preparation for the Winter Season

Home Preparation for the Winter Season Winter is a tough season on your home. It is vital that you take the proper preparation to avoid damages to your home during Winter and avoid damage expenses in your future. Energy-efficient Improvements Bing in a professional to service your air conditioner, water, fuel, vent and all other system […]

Preventing Damage From Alternative Heating Sources

Preventing Damage From Alternative Heating Sources Plenty of homes throughout the U.S. use alternative heating sources to maintain their houses warm. With these alternative methods, however, there are risks that your put your home in. Below are some tips on how to prevent your alternative heating sources from causing damage to your property. Stove Replacement […]