Grilling Season & Safety Tips

As the warm weather approaches, shortly you’ll be able to get a sniff of BBQs grilling up near you. Nothing quite says summer like getting together with friends and family and turning on the grill. Before your grilling season starts, be sure to revise some safety tips to ensure an injury-free season for all. Here […]

Outdoor Safety & Snakes

The weather is beaming and there is no better time to take to some work on your property outside. However, there are some safety concerns you shouldn’t ignore when it comes to outdoor work. If your job consists of outdoor work, these tips will also be helpful to you. Venomous Snakes Over 37,000 people in […]

Defensive Driving Safety Tips

Defensive Driving Safety Tips You could have years of driving experience on the road, racked up hundreds of thousands of miles, but your experience may not be your most useful tool when uncontrollable situations occur. Here are some tips on driving defensively and preventing accidents that could raise your insurance premium through the roof. Don’t […]

Small Businesses and Cyber Attacks

Small Businesses and Cyber Attacks Are you  a small business owner that’s heard of cyber attacks but has never really considered it a real threat to your company? Well, think again. Recent statistics about small business security has discovered that 43% of cyber attacks target small businesses. Only 14% of small businesses can say their […]

Ice Dam Dangers

Ice Dam Dangers Although ice dams can be beautiful, they also cause a potential danger. Forming icicles can actually be a sign of an ice dam, especially when the temperature’s outside are below freezing. An ice dam forms when there is melting snow on the roof caused by rising heat from inside the home, warming […]

Holiday Safety at the Workplace

Holiday Safety at the Workplace The holiday season is full of festivities! Christmas is the most decorative holiday of all year. When decorating your office, be sure to make safety your top priority and avoid any holidays mishaps. Here are some tips to follow when you’re preparing your office for the holiday.     Office Decoration […]

Home Preparation for the Winter Season

Home Preparation for the Winter Season Winter is a tough season on your home. It is vital that you take the proper preparation to avoid damages to your home during Winter and avoid damage expenses in your future. Energy-efficient Improvements Bing in a professional to service your air conditioner, water, fuel, vent and all other system […]

Preventing Damage From Alternative Heating Sources

Preventing Damage From Alternative Heating Sources Plenty of homes throughout the U.S. use alternative heating sources to maintain their houses warm. With these alternative methods, however, there are risks that your put your home in. Below are some tips on how to prevent your alternative heating sources from causing damage to your property. Stove Replacement […]

Prepare This Winter With A Car Emergency Kit

Prepare This Winter With A Car Emergency Kit Winter is known for accidents when slipping on icy, and snowy roads. In some events, there have been massive pileups of cars that drift continuously until the end up on top of one another. In 2015, a 56 car pileup was reported in Pennsylvania killing one person. Because […]

Preparing Your Roof For Snow

Preparing Your Roof For Snow Your roof is the first defender against all severe weather. For this reason, your roof should be prepared to encounter any predicted weather in the upcoming season. Accuweather predicts that frequent storms will bring the snowfall to above-normal for the Northeastern area of the US. It’s important to understand what […]