Tips for Handling Bad Online Reviews

We’ve all experience the rage of an unsatisfied customer. Typically, they are more willing to post a negative review about you or your company than coming to speak to you about the issue privately. There is no doubt that social media is a platform these customers will use. As contractors, you should know how to […]

Know Everything Before Hiring Your Next Truck Driver

Truck driving is a serious and dangerous career. As an employer, how do you go about hiring your next truck driver? Are driving records and background checks enough? When it comes to 20,000 pounds or more of vehicle, it is principal that you hire someone capable and responsible to drive it. The result of placing […]

How To Juggle Multiple Job Sites

Have you ever handled multiple job sites at a time and felt like you’re losing your mind? Today, there are many tools that can be beneficial to your business that can help you manage several jobs. Learn how to manage all aspects of your business so that it isn’t so stressful, and be sure to […]