New Feature on Selective App: Electronic Auto IDs

The Selective mobile app now has the ability to let your customers save their electronic auto ID card to their mobile devices.* This new feature gives you the ease of having their electronic auto ID card readily available even when not connected to the internet. The electronic auto ID card is accepted by law enforcement […]

Ice Dam Dangers

Ice Dam Dangers Although ice dams can be beautiful, they also cause a potential danger. Forming icicles can actually be a sign of an ice dam, especially when the temperature’s outside are below freezing. An ice dam forms when there is melting snow on the roof caused by rising heat from inside the home, warming […]

Showcasing Your Work Online

Showcasing Your Work Online By now, you’ve seen how our society revolves around the internet. Businesses have taken advantage and use the internet as a marketing tool. As a contractor, it is beneficial to understand how to properly showcase your work on the internet and gain potential customers. Putting Yourself Out There Your website should […]

How Contractors Can Get Involved with Social Media

How Contractors Can Get Involved with Social Media The internet, since it’s existence, has only grown more and more popular. It provides a way of communication, ¬†access to information, and even a means to shop online. Americans run their every day lives depending on the internet, but nothing has quite impacted society like social media. […]

Halloween: Pranks, Pumpkins & Property Crime

Halloween: Pranks, Pumpkins & Property Crime Halloween is once again among us! Everyone ready to celebrate has their pumpkins carved, their decorations up, and if their not wearing their costumes to work or school,¬†they’re are ready for this afternoon’s trick-or-treating action. The National Retail Federation has reported that 171 million Americans will celebrate Halloween this […]

How A Tablet Can Help You On The Jobsite

How A Tablet Can Help You On The Jobsite The smart devices are becoming a part of our daily routines! Our phones, tablets and laptops have become the means to most of our communication throughout the day. So what are the ways we can have one of these devices help us out on the field? […]

Will Your Smart Phone Explode Too?

In recent news, Samsung has stopped the production of their Galaxy Note 7 due to exploding batteries. But is it possible that your smart phone will explode on you too? Most lithium-ion batteries are the types used in most of our electronics, including your laptop, your tablet and even Bluetooth speakers. The consequence of exploding […]

Tips for Handling Bad Online Reviews

We’ve all experience the rage of an unsatisfied customer. Typically, they are more willing to post a negative review about you or your company than coming to speak to you about the issue privately. There is no doubt that social media is a platform these customers will use. As contractors, you should know how to […]

Driverless Cars Predicted To Be Safer

Technology without a doubt, is catching up to our society day by day. Since the invention of motor vehicles themselves, there has not been a greater technological advance in auto industry, then driverless cars. They’ll be equipped with sensory apparatuses that feed into the vehicle’s computer system, including radars, lasers and cameras. Developers are perfecting […]

Know Everything Before Hiring Your Next Truck Driver

Truck driving is a serious and dangerous career. As an employer, how do you go about hiring your next truck driver? Are driving records and background checks enough? When it comes to 20,000 pounds or more of vehicle, it is principal that you hire someone capable and responsible to drive it. The result of placing […]