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Conducting an Annual Insurance Checkup

Conducting an Annual Insurance Checkup

Performing an annual insurance checkup is important for you, your property and your possessions. Start your new year the right way and take the time to evaluate your insurance. Follow these steps to determine if you have healthy insurance coverage.

Know your Coverage

Make a list of your current insurances including auto, home and life coverages. Be aware of the insurance policy number and company you have. Very few people are even aware of how much they are even paying for their policies.

What Has Recently Changed

Do you have a new home, a new driver, or new valuables? Perhaps you’d like to adjust your insurance coverage depending on these changes.

Review Your Home Inventory

Don’t wait for something horrible to happen to review the items in your possession. Create, update or review your home inventory. Take videos or photos of your home and it’s contents. Be sure to keep a copy in a secure place in the event of a disaster.

Check Your Liability Coverage

Make sure your homeowner’s liability coverage is adequate and updated to any recent changes.

Consider Natural Disasters

Homeowner’s policies do not cover earthquake and flood damage. Think about the potential risk your home is in, and if this insurance coverage seems necessary for your property.

Evaluate Your Auto Coverage

If your vehicle is aging, you may want to remove collision coverage.

Contact Your Agent

Call your agent to discuss all your insurance needs. Be sure to know what proper steps to take in the event any accident happens and what your insurance covers and does not cover. Simple questions such as “Will my rates go up if I’m in an auto accident and it’s not my fault?” can be answered. Like anything you purchase, you should be familiar with the services you are paying for.