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Dealing with Animals/Pets on the Job Site

How often have you come across job sites that have pets? When doing residential jobs, it may be a common occurrence. Pets, in general, are very territorial of their home. They feel that their space is for them to protect especially from strangers that do not come to their property often. This instinct is in their nature, and something dogs have inherited from their wolf ancestors. Take the right precautions to ensure your safety, as well as the dog’s safety.

A majority of dogs are taught to be sociable and not aggressive. However, when it comes strangers, even the friendliest dog can have its guard up. The damage a dog can cause depends on its size. Dog bites can often lead to tearing of the skin, muscle or tissue. Because of the different pathogens a dog’s mouth has, often their bites can lead to infections. Avoiding interference with pets can also help you avoid the emotional toll that comes with a violent encounter. When you realize that their is a pet on the premises of your labor, it is best to ask the client to not leave their pets free during your work hours, or even take the precaution of adding this to your contract.

If you ever do come across a face to face with a dog, follow these instructions. Immediately stop what you are doing and do not assume the dog is friendly. Do no show panic or distress. A dog may attack from sensing panic in your body language. The following is some body language you should understand from dogs:
If you see the dog with its ears pinned back, it may be ready to leap,
A tail that is tucked between its legs could indicate that the animal is fearing you,
If you can see the whites in the dog’s eye, that means he is scared,
If a dog bares its teeth, it indicates that you are moments away from a bite.

Under the circumstance that you do get attacked by a client’s dog, alert the owner at once and seek medical attention immediately. If the attack was severe, and you needed to use self defense, it is best to contact your local authorities and avoid future animal cruelty charges. If the dog is a stray, call animal control. Don’t wait to experience an attack like this before taking precautions. Most of these incidents are preventable, and will keep you and your business running safe and smoothly.