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Designing the Perfect Business Card

Designing the Perfect Business Card 

A principle part to your company’s marketing strategy is a business card. It is an efficient way of personally offering a remembrance of the services you provide to potential customers. Throughout the years, there has been research as to how certain components of your business card can impact your company’s image and whether or not it is capable to capture the consumer.


When designing your business card, always keep in mind to stay clear of false advertising. Be sure that your business card resembles exactly what industry you’re involved in. Be sure to use your company logo.


The obvious limited amount of space on a business card is trickier to work with than you think. Although you may be eager to print as many details about your company as possible, at times the information may seem to overwhelming for the space involved. Stick with the most basic information including your name and company name, your title, and contact information such as address, phone number and website. This should leave enough space to include a company logo and even a short slogan.


Experimenting with font and sizes is important before finalizing the project. You want to make sure that the font is legible and the size is large enough to read clearly but not so large that it overwhelms the page. Spacing once again a part in the text portion of the card layout.


Typical professional cards are not too colorful so that they don’t distract the potential consumer. Basic colors keep a clear focus on your message. Feel free to use colors your company usually associates itself with.


Selecting the quality of your card stock is important. All the aspects of the business card have been important, but the actual feel of the card can mean how willing you are in investing in appropriate marketing for your company. In most cases, 80-pound card stock is suitable for business cards.


Research has shown that customers are more likely to buy from someone they “know”. This is a strategy the real estate market uses as agents post their images on signs in order to sell a property. Including a photograph can help make a potential customer feel a closer connection to your company, even if they don’t know you. If a face shot isn’t in your comfort zone, look into using a picture where you’re “on the job”.

Invest some time in building the right business card for your company and potential clients. Your company card can be the first impression in many cases, and you also want to be professional and business-ready. Be sure your card is efficient enough, and will stand against those of your competitors.