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Driverless Cars Predicted To Be Safer

Technology without a doubt, is catching up to our society day by day. Since the invention of motor vehicles themselves, there has not been a greater technological advance in auto industry, then driverless cars. They’ll be equipped with sensory apparatuses that feed into the vehicle’s computer system, including radars, lasers and cameras. Developers are perfecting these cars ability to work around obstacles such as work zones, cyclists or even pedestrians.

Nearly 25 major corporations are in the process of developing these autonomous cars, including Ford, BMW, Volvo, Toyota, etc. Many of these corporation predict serious production in 2025 or 2030, but just last year, Nissan released a statement that they will have affordable autonomous cars available as early as 2020. Affordability is definitely a concern for the general population. Given its recent existence, the technology for these vehicles adds up to $70,000 -$100,000. The industry hopes to have these numbers fall to a couple of thousands added to the cost of vehicles by the release of major production.

With so much technology, we’re just anticipating the malfunctions left and right once these vehicles are on the road. However, experts and studies believe that driverless cars will be safer and reduce accidents everywhere. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that vehicles with auto brake assistance will reduce rear-end crashes by almost 40% , and forward collision by almost 23%. Experts believe that there will be a significant reduction in accidents once these vehicles are available.

Researchers at Virginia Tech Transportation Institute have also found that self-driving cars also resulted in fewer serious accidents. These studies have been so convincing that the Department of Transportation, earlier this year, announced it would commit $4 billion in investments to accelerate the process of developing autonomous cars. For now, driverless technology is not 100% available, but there are many safety features that are.