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Halloween: Pranks, Pumpkins & Property Crime

Halloween: Pranks, Pumpkins & Property Crime

Halloween is once again among us! Everyone ready to celebrate has their pumpkins carved, their decorations up, and if their not wearing their costumes to work or school, they’re are ready for this afternoon’s trick-or-treating action. The National Retail Federation has reported that 171 million Americans will celebrate Halloween this year, with an estimation of 7 out of 10 people planning to hand out candy. This country is estimated to spend about $8.4 billion this holiday, with an average of each consumer spending $82.93 on decorations, candy, costumes etc. But trick-or-treating isn’t the only major event happening on this spooky holiday. In fact, mischief is lurking around every corner!

On Halloween night, most property crime claims are reported. These claims are estimated to total over  millions of dollars. Statistically speaking, those who take the time and money to decorate their house elaborately for Halloween are also likely to fall victim to vandalism cases. Often finding their decorations destroyed, robbed, their displays trashed or even egged. Burglaries also seem to sky rocket this night. Although you may think that thieves wouldn’t dare break into a home or car with so many witnesses out, you also tend to be less vigilant this night because you think this way. Your best bet for Halloween is to leave the lights on in your home, and check your car to hide any valuables that may attract attention.

When planning your evening with your family for Halloween, is it safest to keep your plans off of social media. Letting the public know you won’t be home and trick or treating in a town twenty minutes away is exactly what a thief wants to read. Don’t set yourself up for mischief and save sharing your pictures for the next day. Although you can’t avoid property crime, you can always ensure your insurance is ready to cover you. If you’re turning your home into a haunted house, and are charging admission, check with your insurance policy as it may be considered as business activity.

Make sure to inspect your children’s kids and if you’re out and about, stay aware of other car’s! We wish everyone a safe and Happy Halloween season! 😈