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Heated Floors & Driveways

Heated Floors & Driveways

Heated floors and driveways are a relatively new concept but definitely an attractive and convenient one. As an electrician, it would be best to prepare your business to offer heated floor and driveways installations, otherwise you could be missing out on the extra buck. As this concept grows,┬áthe market for heated indoor and outdoor flooring will only rise in demand. Stay ahead of the game, and prepare your company to offer these services. In order for your clients to be interested in heated flooring, they have to know about it. It wouldn’t take too much information because the product is self-explanatory.

What Are Radiant Heating Systems?

Radiant heating systems can be air-heated, hydronic or electric. An electric heating system uses a series of cables built into the flooring of a home. Most people use heated floors as a way to continue to warm their house and without having to expand their HVAC systems. Because this function can be used both indoor and outdoor, you may also chose to heat up your driveways. This option is popular in areas where snow is a common winter feature.

When Should You install Heated Floors and Driveways?

You can install heated flooring any time during the year. However, if your usually expects heavy winter conditions, it’s best to prepare ahead of time and have the installations for your home well before winter starts. Just think about all the winters you don’t have to worry about shoveling your snow. Although the most popular room in your home for heated floors is the bathroom, many consumers also added this feature to their living rooms and carpet-less bedrooms as well.

Where Are Radiant Heating Systems Installed?

These heating systems can be installed anywhere. They’re compatible with out door materials such as concrete, asphalt and indoor materials such as tile and hardwood. Heated floors are popular no matter in what area of the country you live. However, if you’re located towards the north, the heated floors may be more favorable.

Again, if your electrical business does not offer this service, it would be wise to prepare yourself to offer it as soon as possible and advertise the new concept to your current clients.