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Home Preparation for the Winter Season

Home Preparation for the Winter Season

Winter is a tough season on your home. It is vital that you take the proper preparation to avoid damages to your home during Winter and avoid damage expenses in your future.

Energy-efficient Improvements

  • Bing in a professional to service your air conditioner, water, fuel, vent and all other system pipes.
  • Consider replacing normal doors and windows with stormproof products
  • Get your furnace serviced and change out the filters from last year’s winter.

Roof and drainage

  • Be sure to clean out your gutters from any debris, and be ready to clean -up any heavy snowfall that will accumulate on your rooftop.
  • Inspect and insure there are no repairs needed to be made on your roof surface that could eventually lead to leakage.
  • Ice dams can be dangerous and heavy. A home improvement website, The Old House, suggests using ice melting products that contain calcium chloride by placing it over the dam for safe removal.
  • Avoid floods by clearing out your drain pipes and making sure they are pointing away from your home.

Frozen Pipes

  • Insulate all accessible pipes using pipe insulation which can be found at your local hardware store
  • Ensure that all cracks, holes and other openings on the exterior walls are sealed tightly with caulk or insulation, before the cold weather
  • Keep all exterior entry, exit and garage doors to unheated spaces closed as much as possible during the winter months
  • If the temperature drops lower than usual and any pipes are located adjacent to exterior walls or within base cabinets or in closets, leave the cabinet/closet doors open or use a fan to increase warm air circulation
  • Turn on each water supply faucet individually to ensure that there is a steady stream of water present
  • If the flow of water is slow, or there is no flow, then it is likely your pipes are frozen
  • If your pipe is frozen, identify the spot where the blockage has taken place. With a blow dryer, apply heat to the supply line, while leaving the faucet open

Taking the proper precautions could help your home and your pocket in the long run. Be sure that your insurance provides coverage you need for this season. Winter in the Northeast typically always ensures more precipitation for this area. Check with your insurance agency that all assets of your home are covered.