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How Contractors Can Get Involved with Social Media

How Contractors Can Get Involved with Social Media

The internet, since it’s existence, has only grown more and more popular. It provides a way of communication,  access to information, and even a means to shop online. Americans run their every day lives depending on the internet, but nothing has quite impacted society like social media. About more than half of Americans have a social media profile, and these numbers have only grown in the past few years. With so many people connected to this means of communication, the marketing world has taken advantage. While social media continues to grow, it has created the perfect platform for promoting your business. Here are several ways you can get involved in social media.


After you’ve established a website for your company, gather material to start blogging. Blogs offer information to your potential and current clients. Your blog page should be a reliable source for your clients to refer to regarding information that may be beneficial to them. These blog posts will then become available to share to your own Facebook business page, where you’ll have to establish a friendship with your clients.

Facebook Business Page

Facebook is known to be one of the most popular and addicting social media sites. According to  www.conviceandconvert.com, 23 percent of Facebook users check their profile more than five times everyday. With so much activity on this media site, this has become the perfect site to market your company. Invite users to give your page a “like” and be sure to keep your page current with posts and information. Facebook has now found ways for you to promote your business by creating ads and purchasing a method to distribute your ad to the Facebook users in your area. Do significant research before you decide to promote your page at a cost.


Instagram is a social media site that enables users to just share pictures on their profile with their friends known has “followers”. Although you wouldn’t be able to share articles and your blog posts on Instagram, you can share pictures of your business, and let’s face it, a pictures says a thousand words. Sharing pictures of your projects and even of your employees and staff enables your followers to feel a closer and personal relationship to you and your company. It’s always best to try to aim for a friendship where your client feels more comfortable instead of a dead on business deal.

Video Content

Videos on social media have become very popular. These videos are simple and short, and usually used to draw the attention of users briefly.  Content could include various things, even out of the scope of your business. Like blog posts, these videos can be uploaded to most social media sites including Instagram.

The internet gives you limitless access to a wide range of customers. Knowing how to use social media to market your business is key. In most cases, marketing on these sites would be close to, if not, free!