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How To Juggle Multiple Job Sites

Have you ever handled multiple job sites at a time and felt like you’re losing your mind? Today, there are many tools that can be beneficial to your business that can help you manage several jobs. Learn how to manage all aspects of your business so that it isn’t so stressful, and be sure to keep a routine in handling different jobs.

Digitize your Inventory
A huge headache of any company can be tracking your tools, let allow spreading them out amongst different work sites. There are ways to eliminate this stress, however. If you’d like to go a little old school, you can manually label your tools and then record them on a spreadsheet, followed by recording the location of these tools. The other option would be in investing in a barcode scanner system. This will be entering and logging information for you. Some systems could get costly, but many smartphones can download coding apps. All you would need to do is apply a sticker to your tools. Logging your tools, and supplies, as well as their location will help you manage several jobs at a time.

Track Your Spending
Keeping your finances and spending in order can help alleviate a lot of your stress. Again, manually entering your expenses into a spreadsheet can help organize where your money is going. There are also software programs, such as Quicken or Peachtree, that can help you track your expenses. Tracking your inventory and expenses go hand in hand. You’ll know what materials you have in stock, and won’t have to make an unnecessary expense of purchasing material you already have. Keeping receipts when purchasing supplies for a job is important when making a more detailed estimate, or bill. It is also a good idea to keep the receipts are backup in case a customer questions your charges and costs.

Keep a Work and Crew Schedule
You may have different employees that know different skills. Ensure that you know your employees well enough to see what their stronger skills are how they can best contribute to a job. Personnel management software is also available. These programs can also help track timecards and make payroll easier.