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New Jersey Alarm Contractor Bond Information

New Jersey, NJ FIRE, BURGLAR, ALARM OR LOCKSMITH contractors need a TEN THOUSAND ($10,000.) surety bond (cannot be higher or lower) to obtain or renew their license with the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs. The cost of the bond from this agency is $75. (SEVENTY FIVE DOLLARS) per three year term.

This bond is required by the NJ Board of Electrical Contractors, Fire Alarm, Burglar Alarm & Locksmith Advisory Committee.  The principal must perform the duties prescribed for alarm and locksmiths and comply with the statutes, rules, & regulations of the committee.  If not, then the bond shall be activated and payment up to $10,000. to the claimant.

The bond will be effective when issued by our office, and will expire when the license period ends. We are currently issuing bonds for the renewal period effective February 1, 2020 to January 31, 2023.  Cost of the bond is $75. for the three year term.

  • RENEWAL bonds will be EMAILED and attached to the email in .pdf format. Physical bonds are not needed for renewals. The board no longer requires it. If they ever want the actual bond we will promptly mail it to you. For NEW licensed alarm contractors, we will MAIL the bond since the alarm – electrical board requires the original bond.
  • Within 1-2 business days of your submission of the bond, we will email you the bond number, and appropriate information that you will need to complete your online renewal with the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs – Alarm Board.
  • Bond numbers will NOT be given out over the phone.  Bonds cannot be faxed.
  • This agency issues a new bond number for every renewal cycle.  You cannot use your existing bond number for the online license renewal.  Wait for your new bond number.
  • This agency has been issuing New Jersey license bonds for over 35 years.  We are quick and efficient!



PRINT an APPLICATION, then MAIL it to us with a check

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