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Builders Risk Insurance for Contractors, developers and land owners in New Jersey

Builders Risk InsuranceBuilders Risk insurance is available for personal and commercial buildings under construction.  When constructing a building, a special type of coverage is needed called BUILDERS RISK.  It provides protection for the structure from perils such as fire, lighting, windstorm, etc. Purchase of this coverage is necessary before construction starts.  If it is purchased after construction starts, then it becomes more difficult to obtain, and more costly!

Give us a call or complete the survey (link below) if you are considering constructing a home, dwelling, apartment, office building, manufacturing building, store, or any type of building, any construction type.

  • Frame
  • Masonry
  • Fire resistive, etc.
  • NO coastal properties.

General liability is needed in addition to builders risk.  Builders risk covers the physical building.  To make it simple, general liability provides coverage in case someone gets hurt on the property during construction.

Special Program – Builders Risk Insurance for Homeowners

We have a great unique product.  If you are having a contractor build a home from the ground up and it will be your personal home upon completion, we can write a HOMEOWNERS POLICY INSTEAD OF A BUILDERS RISK POLICY.  You must purchase coverage before construction begins and THE BUILDER MUST HAVE CONTRACTORS GENERAL LIABILITY. If you are acting as the general contractor then this program is NOT applicable.  Better coverage, and better premium! The homeowners policy provides coverage for the building and general liability.


  • Construction must NOT be started.  Insurance must start prior to construction.
  • The structure MUST be insured for full replacement cost
  • You must supply us with a certificate of insurance from the builder naming the property owner as additional insured.
  • There must be a written contract between the property owner and the builder with a hold harmless agreement in favor of the property owner.
  • If there is an existing structure that needs demolition coverage cannot be started until after the demolition, unless special demolition coverage is purchased.
  • The home to be built is solely for the use of the homeowner as a primary or secondary home.
  • No rental properties
  • Policy is not available for builders
  • NO “spec” houses to be sold to others for a profit.
  • Proof of no existing or prior oil tank(s) have been properly removed
  • Loss runs from current homeowners policy showing no liability losses in the last 3 years
  • NO EFIS (stucco over foam) “Traditional” stucco is acceptable. If the home is to have any stucco, proof will have to be supplied as to the type and method used to apply.
  • Pool cannot have a slide. Low diving boards are acceptable.
  • No trampolines
  • No dogs with a bite history and the following: American Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Bull Terriers, All American Pit Bulls, Rottweiler, Chow Chows, and any mixture thereof. The following dogs are acceptable only with a written statement from a licensed veterinarian who is familiar with the dog: German Shepherd, Doberman Pinscher, Malamute, Husky, Akita, Dalmatian, Dingo, and any mixture thereof.
  • No horse boarding.

We have programs for homes that are to undergo major renovation for or by homeowners. Please complete survey.