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New Jersey NJ Commercial Flood Insurance

Commercial building owners and occupants of commercial buildings in New Jersey need flood insurance just as much as property and liability insurance.  Many areas of NJ prone to flooding.  We can provide COMMERCIAL FLOOD INSURANCE for NJ and BUSINESS FLOOD INSURANCE in New Jersey both through the National Flood Program (NFIP) and through another excellent competitive program called Natural Catastrophe Insurance Program (also know as) CatCoverage.  Flood coverage can be written for all types of commercial or business buildings and their contents.

Many people insure only their building structures from flood catastrophy, however the contents of a business or commercial property can be large and aldo needs protection from a flood.

Policies that are issued by the National Flood Program are limited to $500,000. for both building and contents (business personal property).  We have the ability to insure either building or contens easily up to $5,000,000.  (5 million) and sometimes up to 10 million.  We have an alternative plan.  It is generally more competitive and provides better protection.  Their definition of a flood is more liberal than the NFIP.  It is accepted by all lending institutions. It provides coverage from not only flood but earthquake, landslides and mudslides.

It is more competitive for the following reasons:

  • No elevation / flood survey is needed (this saves $300. to $1,000.)
  • It does not use flood zones
  • Coverage is more comprehensive


If you are seeking new coverage or currently have flood insurance you should call us now and compare the National Flood Insurance Program with National Catastrophe Program. You may be able to save a great deal of money and also obtain more coverage.  Don’t shop for flood insurance just for price, but for coverage.  Remember, real estate is most people’s biggest and important investment.  Protect it!  Please see our EXCESS FLOOD COVERAGE page.

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Further Flood Insurance Information

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