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New Jersey (NJ) – Court, Fiduciary & Judicial Bonds

Court, Fiduciary & Judicial Bonds can be purchased here at Franchino Insurance. Below will explain more –

  • A Fiduciary is a person (or entity) that owes another part the highest degree of trust
  • Fiduciary bonds guarantee that the principal will faifully perform the duties prescribed by the courts
  • The Fiduciary must also demonstrate financial responsibility for the benefit of another party


  • Bonds in estates of deceased persons (administrators, executor, personal representative, etc.)
  • Bonds in estates of minors (guardian of minor)
  • Bonds in estates of incompetents (guardian of incompetent, conservator, etc.)
  • Bonds in trust estates (trustee)
  • Bonds in Bankruptcy proceeding filed in US District Courts
  • Bonds in equity courts
  • Miscellaneous fiduciary bonds

Administrator Bond – Appointed by the Surrogate to handle the affairs of an individual that has died.

Executor Bond – Appointed by an individual through a will to handle the individuals affairs after death

Trustee Bond – Appointed by the Surrogate to handle a trust established under a will or deed

Guardian or Guardianship Bond – Appointed by the Surrogate to handle the estate of an incompetent or of a minor

Receiver Bond – Appointed by the Surrogate to control a business that is currently in bankruptcy