Location: 7 S. Warren Street, Dover, New Jersey

New Jersey (NJ) Distributors Insurance

The Franchino Agency writes insurance for DISTRIBUTORS of all types based in NEW JERSEY.

We are looking to write the following types of distributors:

Food Products Distributor

  • clothing, canvas products, embroidery, hats, fabricated textile products, gloves, house furnishings, etc.

Industrial Machinery Distributor

  • metalworking machinery
  • food products machines
  • pumps and pumping equipment
  • packaging machines
  • computer peripheral equipment
  • vending machines
  • office machinery, etc.

Plastic and Rubber Products Distributor

  • compression molding, extrusion molding, blow molding, vacuum forming, calendering
  • fabricating, machining, injection molding, thermo forming

Stone, Clay & Glass Products Distributor

  • architectural and ornamental products, ceramic tile, china, concrete blocks, glass containers
  • pottery products, pressed & blown glass, pavers

Wood Products Distributor

  • cabinets, custom millwork, door & windows, fencing, frames, furniture, woodenware
  • premanufactured building components, picture frames

Miscellaneous Distributor

  • buttons, costume jewelry, games, lamp shades, school & office equipment
  • musical instruments, novelties, pens, pencils, signs

Food Products Distributor

  • beer and wine bottlers, bread & bakery products, candy, confectioneries, cookies, crackers
  • dairy products, flavoring syrups, frozen fruits, juices & vegetables, ice cream & frozen desserts
  • pasta, meat & sausage products, soft drink bottlers

Metal Working Distributor

  • auto parts, electrical, fabricated parts, furniture and parts, hardware, metal stampings
  • screw machine products, sheet metal work, tools, wire & wire goods