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New Jersey (NJ) Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Equipment Breakdown Insurance protects the heart of your commercial building.  The machinery and equipment that makes the building function.  Equipment breakdown coverage pays for damage caused by mechanical breakdown, electrical arcing, power surges, centrifugal force., etc.

Kinds of Equipment Covered

  • Boilers, pressure vessels, water heaters
  • Electrical distribution systems
  • Heating & cooling systems
  • Refrigeration (including lost refrigerant)
  • Computers
  • Equipment using computer technology
  • Office equipment
  • Communications equipment including telephones & voice mail
  • Security & Fire detection systems
  • Ovens, stoves, furnaces
  • Elevators, escalators, cranes, hoists, lifts

What isn’t covered

  • Routine & normal maintenanc
  • Wear & tear
  • Leakage
  • Nonfunctioning of a safety device
  • Mobile equipment such as backhoes or bulldozers
  • Vehicles
  • Domestic water piping or sewer piping
  • Aircraft
  • Boats

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