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New Jersey NJ Home Improvement Contractor Registration Information

The State of NJ, passed a law in 2004 stating all “Home Improvement Contractors” need to register with the Division of Consumer Affairs and provide proof of business liability at least in the amount $500,000.

I will summarize the law. Please read the entire law too.

See: Divison of Consumer Affairs, Home Improvement Contractor Website.

“Contractor” a person engaged in the business of making or selling home improvements and includes a corporation, partnership, association or other form of business organization, etc.

“Home Improvement” means the remodeling, altering, renovating, repairing, restoring, modernizing, moving, demolishing, or otherwise improving or modifying of the whole or any part of any residential, or non-commercial property. Also included insulation and conversion of commercial to residential property.

EXEMPTIONS to the law:

  • Any person registered pursuant to the “New Home Warranty and Builders Registration Act” P.L. 1977, c.467 (N.J.S.A. 46:3B-1) but only in conjunction with building a new home.
  • Commercial buildings
  • One’s own home
  • Buildings owned by a charity or non-profit organization
  • Any person regulated by the State as an architect, professional engineer, landscape architect, land surveyor, electrical contractor, master plumber, locksmith, burglar / fire alarm, or any other person in any other related profession requiring registration, certification, or licensure by the State, who is acting within the scope of practice of his profession.

Here’s the catch! “acting within the scope of practice of his profession”

ELECTRICIANS AND PLUMBERS, ETC. If you work out of the scope of your trade you need to register!


  • Plumber remodels an entire bathroom.  He’s a home improvement contractor and needs to register.
  • Electrician.  While working for a homeowner doing electrical work.  Customer asks him if he knows how to install drywall.  He installs a closet.  He’s now a home improvement contractor.
  • Landscaper: Cuts grass only. Doesn’t need to register. Plants a flower. He’s now a home improvement contractor!

Initial registration fee: $110.00
Renewal registration fee: $90.00
Late fee: $25.00
Reinstatement fee: $140.00

APPLICATIONS / RENEWAL / LAWS / INFORMATION: NJ Division of Consumer Affairs, Home Improvement Contractor Website

Division of Consumer Affairs
Office of Consumer Protection
Regulated Business Section
124 Halsey Street, 7th Floor
PO Box 46016
Newark, NJ 07101

Direct link to INITIAL (first time) application to register as a NJ Home Improvement Contractor: INITIAL Registration Application

Direct link to the REINSTATEMENT application to register as a NJ Home Improvement Contractor: REINSTATEMENT Application

Direct link to RENEW REGISTRATION for NJ Home Improvement Contractor: RENEWAL OF REGISTRATION