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Multi-Family Building Insurance in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

We can write all kinds and sizes of multi-family buildings. 1-4 family dwellings, 5+ family unit buildings and of course apartment buildings with 3 to hundreds of units. Masonry as well as frame buildings are acceptable. Mixed use buildings are buildings with residential families and commercial stores, offices or businesses.

Consider insuring with this agency for our superior customer service.  We represent top rated insurance companies that write policies for multi-family properties, apartments and mixed-use properties. New and older buildings are acceptable as long as updates have been made, and the buildings are in good shape. Frame, masonry, fire-resistive, all types of construction.

  • Building
  • Loss of business income – (Loss of rents)
  • Premises liability with or without umbrella
  • Water backup from sewers & drains
  • Replacement cost
  • Boiler & machinery – equipment breakdown
  • Flood, up to 10 million
  • Masonry construction
  • Frame construction
  • With or without fire sprinklers
  • New construction or older construction with updates
  • Umbrella (liability over 1 million)
photo of an apartment building

We represent several top insurance companies that have excellent programs.

Loss of rents coverage for 12, 18, 24 or even 36 months.

Primary liability limits at 1 million per occurrence / 2 million aggregate, or 2 million occurrence / 4 million aggregate.


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