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New Jersey, NJ Sewer Systems and Septic Tank Contractors Insurance

The Franchino Agency specializes in insurance for all contractors, including NJ SEPTIC SYSTEM and SEPTIC TANK INSTALLATION, SERVICE and REPAIR CONTRACTORS.

We are looking to write insurance for SEWER and SEPTIC CONTRACTORS IN NEW JERSEY.  Digging with machines or by hand.  Also if excavation work is done such as digging for foundations, roads, land grading, sidewalks, curbing, bulldozing, land clearing, etc.

We currently insure over 1800 contractors in New Jersey.  We can provide General Liability alone or in a package that includes tools coverage, equipment, supplies, installation floaters, commercial automobile, commercial umbrella, etc.  Of course underground digging is included!

General liability provides protection from the damage you might do to property or to people.

We can also insure your owned or leased equipment, machines and trailers, bulldozer, excavator, backhoe, front end loader, trencher, ditchwitch, vibratory plow, dump trucks, etc.

Septic Contractor Insurance

We want to write small to medium sized contractors who do most of the work themselves with very little work sub-contracted out. i.e. no “paper” contractors who sub-out most of the work.

General liability limits are available in the amounts of: $500,000. or $1,000,000. One million coverage is almost always chosen because the difference is very little.

Here is a typical GENERAL LIABILITY package for a ONE-PERSON OPERATION. If you have employees, please call for a custom quotation needs to be generated for you. If you are interested, please call and ask for James Franchino. I need to speak with you and obtain detailed information about your business such as ownership, number of employees, type of work done, etc. After this information is obtained, a detailed customized quotation will be sent and/or emailed to you along with an application.


Quote based on a 1 person – owner operated business

  • $1,000,000. – bodily injury and property damage combined, per occurrence, premises and operations, other than completed operations
  • $3,000,000. – bodily injury & property damage, combined. aggregate
  • $1,000,000. products and completed operations
  • $3,000,000. – products and completed operations aggregate
  • $100,000. – legal liability
  • 10,000. – medical payments to other than employees
  • $100,000. worksite damages – pollution liability

$983. annual premium

*occurrence mean limit per claim
*aggregate means limit per year

Add $179. for a package that provides up to $25,000. for tools, equipment & supplies
Inquire about coverage for your heavy equipment and trucks.


Please call if you are interested in a no-obligation quotation. 973-377-6100