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Street Opening or Road Opening Bonds for New Jersey, NJ

An Road Opening Bond (also known as street opening bonds) is required by cities, counties, or states to guarantee the completion of a project where the street or sidewalk is displaced do to digging for utility line installation or maintenance in the New Jersey areas. The NJ cities do not want to have unfinished sites / projects making for an unsightly scene. These road opening bonds may be required for 1 or 2 years after the project is completed to insure against problems that may arise such as pavement settling, etc. Call with any questions 973-377-6100

Cost is generally $175 for small road opening bonds.

There are two ways that you can complete an application for a road opening bond.

1) Print out an application (.pdf) complete it, then fax or email it to us. PRINT OUT APPLICATION

2) Complete & submit our online application just below.