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New Jersey Renters or Tenants Homeowners Insurance

Renters Insurance, also know as Tenants Homeowners Insurance is very affordable. Connect with us to obtain a quote for a superior policy.

Homeowners Insurance for Renters – Tenants

Protect yourself from catastrophic disaster!  If fire, lightning, theft should strike your rented apartment, or condo you could lose thousands of dollars.

Protect your personal property (contents).  Furniture, clothes, stereo, cd’s, kitchen appliances, kitchenware.

Loss of use / living expenses: If your apartment is not habitable due to a covered loss ie. file, the policy will provide living expenses until return is possible.

Personal liability: If unintentionally injury is caused by the homeowner and a lawsuit is brought forth, the tenants policy will provide protection. Example: Your child throws a ball and it hits another person in the eye causing injury. The liability coverage on a homeowners policy will provide protection.

Medical payments: Similar to personal liability however provides coverage for a lower limit.  The purpose is to prevent a lawsuit by paying for someone’s minor medical bills, etc.

Why purchase from this agency? We provide superior service – hands-down! You can purchase online, however does the average consumer really know what they are purchasing? We will explain in detail all your questions.


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