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Tool & Contractors Equipment Insurance Coverage

Contractors Equipment InsuranceMost people have never heard of the term “inland marine” insurance. The term “inland marine” was first created to cover the transport of goods over water, but the definition of the term also includes goods in transit on land, as well as to the property of others that is at your premises or being transported to or from your premises. INLAND MARINE is also known as a FLOATER.

Your property insurance policy might not be enough to protect the items you need to do business – tools and equipment. Many property policies limit coverage to within a certain number of feet from a designated business address. That doesn’t help you if your equipment is damaged at a job site 10 miles away from your office.

If you have property that’s moved from place to place (it “floats”) on a regular basis, inland marine coverage is crucial. Inland Marine Coverage offers affordable protection for the tools, equipment business have the need for protection for their tools, equipment and supplies wherever they may be. The items can be in storage, in a vehicle, at a job site, etc. Coverage from the perils of theft, fire, flood, etc. is needed. Coverage can be provided for individually listed (scheduled) tools & equipment or in a package (unscheduled).

Contractors typically need this coverage however technicians, photographers, salesmen, anyone carrying a computer used for business, doctors with portable equipment, etc., also need this coverage.


  • Contractors Equipment: bulldozers, backhoes, lifts, mobile compressors, off-road equipment not licensed for road use
  • Bailee’s Customers: property of others in the insured’s custody for cleaning, servicing or repair
  • Camera Equipment: cameras and video production equipment, worldwide coverage available.
  • Communication Equipment: radio, television, and cell phone networks including towers, off-site switching equipment, mobile equipment and studio equipment
  • Data Processing Equipment (EDP): hardware, software, laptops and related time element exposures; breakdown included and options for transit and off-premises
  • Equipment Dealers: equipment held for sale or leased out, while in transit and while off-premises
  • Exhibition Floaters: property while in transit to/from, and while at, trade shows
  • Miscellaneous Articles Floaters: flexible coverage that can be adapted to many different types of mobile property
  • Musical Instruments: for schools, private organizations or professional musicians; worldwide coverage available
  • Scientific or Medical Equipment: mobile or fixed MRIs, CT Scanners, PET scanners and many other types of equipment
  • Theatrical Property: costumes. props, lighting, sound equipment and other types of property

We represent several companies that can provided coverage according to your needs.

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