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Credit-based Insurance Scores and not the same as Credit Scores

Insurance companies use many factors to determine your insurance premium such as zip code, age of operators, make, model, age of your vehicle, etc. They also obtain an insurance score from one of the credit reporting companies. Information used is: payment history, outstanding debt, credit history length, pursuit of new credit, credit mix. A credit […]

Pandemic is not a peril

There is no pandemic exclusion in the business income policy. There doesn’t need to be a “pandemic” exclusion in the business income policy. The absence of the word or an exclusion containing the word does not change the facts of coverage. Adding a “pandemic” exclusion would be deceitful. A pandemic exclusion is unnecessary and ultimately […]

Workers Compensation Injuries Decreased

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of workplace injuries have been declining for decades.  Overall, the frequency of injuries declined 30% from 2006 to 2017, according the the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Bad news: The total claim severity (cost per injury) has increased.

Vacancy vs Unoccupancy

Unoccupied refers to that status where it is a temporary measure and all of the livable elements still exist (furniture, utilities still turned on, etc.). Whereas vacant refers to that state where there is no intention to return, the residence has no furniture or other means for someone to live there.

Employee Dishonesty Fidelity Bond

Protect yourself / your business from employee theft.  Employee dishonesty is a term describing fidelity bond coverage guaranteeing against loss caused by dishonest officers or employees from the business.  ie. Making fraudulent checks, stealing inventory, hours worked, etc.

Electric Scooters and Insurance

Homeowners policies exclude motorized vehicles.  Personal auto policies exclude two wheeled vehicles.  How to insured electric scooters?   The answer is a motorcycle policy!

Leviton information site about electrical safety in the home

I found a great website that provides a lot of safety information about electricity in the home: Link to Leviton Safety Site

Change in ruling of what an is an independent contractor

There was much information about whether Uber drivers are independent contractors or employees of Uber. Many states, including New Jersey are reviewing the status of all types of independent contractors. There are bills in legislature right now addressing the issue. Please be careful and don’t get hit with fines mis-classifying your employees. Stay tuned!

NJ Wage Payment Regulation in Effect October 2019

Last month, the New Jersey Department of Labor finalized regulations to implement N.J.S.A. 34:1a-1.11 et seq., which authorizes the commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development to issue a written determination to direct any appropriate agency to suspend or revoke certain business licenses for violation of wage and hour reporting requirements. The law (N.J.S.A. 34:1a-1.11 et […]

Employee Misclassification

Governor Murphy has given the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development (NJDOL) new tools to help put an end to misclassification and noted that his administration has already acted on eight of the task force’s 16 recommendations. Additionally, while addressing the New Jersey State Building & Construction Trades Council’s annual convention, the Governor […]