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What is an Ice Jam?

An ice jam occurs when a rise in the water level or thaw breaks the ice into large chunks, which become jammed at man-made and natural obstructions. This can result in sever flooding.

Funds Coming for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in New Jersey

A popular grant program to help finance electric vehicle charging stations at private sector businesses has new funding. The state already has a grant program, It Pay$ to Plug In, which provides grants to businesses and other organizations of up to $6,000 per charging station for chargers in public places, workplaces and multi-family homes. To […]

NJ Labor Commissioner Promotes Apprenticeships

$10 million is being invested in New Jersey Apprenticeship Network (NJAN) to establish apprenticeship opportunities in industries such as hospitality, advanced manufacturing, construction, utilities, healthcare, and life sciences.

Mandatory 10 Digit Dialing to Begin in NJ

As part of the introduction of the new 640 area code in central and southeastern New Jersey, mandatory 10-digit dialing will begin on August 18 for landline and wireless customers with the existing 609 area code and a portion of area code 856. On or after August 18, all calls made within and between area […]

USA and NJ Bridge Infrastructure Improves

The U.S. overall has improved the condition of its bridges in the last 10 years, but more than 9 percent are still deemed structurally deficient by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). New Jersey fared somewhat better than the national average with 8.7 percent rated as structurally deficient, which means the bridge requires significant […]

Upselling for Contractors

Are you up-selling your services? Being a contractor business owner has many parts. One of the parts, which is usually the easy part, is doing the physical / technical work. One of the other parts, that is harder, is to get the business. It doesn’t matter how good a technician you are unless you have […]

Fire Safety for Electrical Contractors

The spread of electrical fires can be reduced by arming yourself with the right fire extinguisher. Dry chemical fire extinguishers (Class C) smother fires by coating the wires, outlet or other point of combustion with a thin layer of fire retardant powder containing carbon dioxide. Class C fire extinguishers are available in canisters of different […]

NJ HVACR Licensing Reciprocity

The NJ State Board of Examiners of HVACR Contractors has determined that the following states do NOT have standards equal or comparable to New Jersey, therefore there is NO reciprocity for licensing. NOT acceptable: Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware, Texas, Ohio, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, Illinois, Arkansas, Louisiana, Rhode Island, North Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia, South […]

May 5 is National Wildfire Community Preparedness Day

National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) Wildfire Community Preparedness Day is on May 5, 2018. There are many ways to help protect homes, neighborhoods, businesses, and entire communities: – Reduce the amount of flammable materials and brush that can burn around your home or business; – Create a fire-free area within the first five feet of […]

NJ Supreme Court Rules Consumer Contract Lawsuits Must Show Actual Harm Done to Be Valid

New Jersey businesses will not have to defend themselves against class action lawsuits where no one has been seriously harmed thanks to a New Jersey State Supreme Court ruling handed down Monday. Specifically, the court determined that a consumer must show they suffered monetary or other harm in order to be eligible to claim damages […]