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Antique Stores Insurance Program

Insurance for Antique Stores is hard to write, howevever we represent Utica First Insurance Company who has a great program for Antique Shops in New Jersey!  One of the problems of insuring the contents of antique stores is putting a value on the items.  Utica values the stock at the actual cost plus 30%.  The store owner must keep accurate records of the items for sale.


  • The retail store must be principally engaged in the retail selling of antiques and collectibles
  • Antiques are objects over 100 years old having a value due to historical interest or craftsmanship in the style of former times or fashion.
  • Collectible object have a value because they are collected by fanciers and can be identified or listed in specific reference guides
  • Owner must have at least 1 year’s experience in the antique business.
  • Buildings must be updated roof, heat, plumbing & wiring.  Updates should be within 25 years.


  • Secondhand stores, flea markets, thrift stores, consignment shops  (we have another company that will write a consignment shop or thrift store, however  No flea markets.)
  • Wood stoves on premises.
  • Inventory of rugs, carpets, and /or tapestries exceeding 10 of total value of store inventory.
  • When more than 25% of the inventory is taken to trade shows or  off premises.
  • Significant repair or restoration work on premises.  Touch up work is OK.

Types of coverage:

  • Businessowners policies (liability and property combined)
  • Workers compensation
  • Commercial or personal auto

Loss runs will be needed in order to quote.

Loss runs” is an insurance term for a written report of a policy claims history.  The report will indicate losses paid.  If there were no losses, the report will indicate so.  We cannot order the “loss runs” for you because insurance companies only will provide them to their own clients.  Please call, email, or fax your request to your current agent or the insurance company.  You should receive them within 7 to 10 days.

When ordering the “loss runs” please request that the current / requested date be shown on the report so that the insurance company knows that the report is current.  Three years history is required.

The request for the “loss runs” is an inconvenience, however most insurance companies require them when writing new business.  They need to see the claim history.

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