Location: 7 S. Warren Street, Dover, New Jersey

Nail & Beauty Salons Insurance Program

Owners of Nail or Beauty Salons in New Jersey should consider being insured through our specialized insurance program.  This agency represents several insurance companies interested in writing the NJ Nail or Beauty Parlor.  Beautician’s professional liability is available at a tremendous value.


  • No more than one loss over $10,000. in the last 3 years.
  • No tanning operations
  • Incidental waxing operations is OK
  • Building owners & renters

Types of coverage:

  • Businessowners policies (liability and property combined)
  • Workers compensation
  • Commercial or personal auto

Loss runs will be needed in order to quote.

Loss runs” is an insurance term for a written report of a policy claims history.  The report will indicate losses paid.  If there were no losses, the report will indicate so.  We cannot order the “loss runs” for you because insurance companies only will provide them to their own clients.  Please call, email, or fax your request to your current agent or the insurance company.  You should receive them within 7 to 10 days.

When ordering the “loss runs” please request that the current / requested date be shown on the report so that the insurance company knows that the report is current.  Three years history is required.

The request for the “loss runs” is an inconvenience, however most insurance companies require them when writing new business.  They need to see the claim history.

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