Locations: Florham Park, NJ and Marysville, PA

Pedestrian Death Rate Up!

Most of our daily lives revolve around our smartphone use. Our phones connects us to our jobs, our families, our children and social media. Often, we use our smartphones at times when we even shouldn’t be. As smartphones continue to grow in popularity, the risks of using our phones has also gone up. For the first six months of last year, it was reported that 2,370 people were killed while walking on the side of the road. Experts believe this is due to the distraction of pedestrians and their phones.

According to a poll from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, approximately 40% of Americans say they’ve personally seen an incident where someone was hurt after bumping or running into something due to distractions. Between 2004 and 2010 emergency room admissions related to distracted walking have doubled. Additionally, more than one out four admit to having been injured when texting and walking simultaneously.

Authorities understand the rise of pedestrian death has risen. The U.S. Congress recently passed a federal surface transportation bill, the FAST Act. short for fixing America’s Surface Transportation. The bill provides financial resources that state and local legislatures can used to make more outdoor areas walkable and making exclusive pedestrians lanes. Over the past years, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave New York city over $805,000 to make walking zones more apparent to motorists. Awareness is on the rise everywhere. You can read more on NHTSA’s website, under the “Everyone’s a Pedestrian” section.