Locations: Florham Park and Dover, NJ, Marysville, PA

Homeowners, Dwelling and Personal Auto Insurance for New Jersey, NJ

Franchino Insurance provides great policies for homeowners, multi-family dwelling, flood and umbrella insurance through several top Insurance Companies. They are A or higher rated insurance companies with many enhancements that provide superior protection. This agency provides outstanding personal service!

What kind of buyer are you?

  • Are you looking for cheap insurance and don’t care about the protection? If so, please seek coverage elsewhere.
  • Are are you looking for protection for the largest and most important purchase in your life?
  • Do you think spending a few dollars additional is worth being fully protected?

If you are looking for protection not price then contact this agency for personalized, prompt and attentive service! Our policies are competitive and provide superior protection.

Fairly often when a prospect provides us with a copy of their current policy, we see inferior protection. This agency will only provide the proper, superior protection. We take the time to explain the policy and guide you through the purchase of the policy whether it’s for a new home purchase or just changing polices.

If you would like a no-obligation review of your current policy, please call. 973-377-6100