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Prepare This Winter With A Car Emergency Kit

Prepare This Winter With A Car Emergency Kit

Winter is known for accidents when slipping on icy, and snowy roads. In some events, there have been massive pileups of cars that drift continuously until the end up on top of one another. In 2015, a 56 car pileup was reported in Pennsylvania killing one person. Because of the weather conditions, it’s difficult for emergency respondents to reach the scene of accident leaving many people in the cold weather for several hours. No matter that magnitude of the accident, you should always been prepared with the appropriate items. Below is a list of items to include in your car emergency kit.

Food & Water

These are perhaps the most essential items to carry with you in case of an accident. Be sure to carry enough bottled water and snacks that will not perish in your car. Preferably energy bars or dried fruits, or any snack that is on the nutritious side and will give you an energy boost.

First-aid kit

A first-aid kit is ideal for any minor injury you many sustain during an accident. It will provide you with temporary solutions until  you can receive further attention, and help prevent any infections.


Although you probably rarely leave anywhere without one, a cell phone is the quickest way to contact emergency services in case of an accident. It also provides a way of communication to contact your family and friends.


If your accident prevents you from staying warm from your car, a blanket will help you resist the cold while you wait for emergency services to arrive. If you want to take it a step further, packing extra, dry clothes would come in handy in the event your clothes comes into contact with snow.


Days in winter typically become dark sooner, and snowy days are known to been dim. If you have an earlier accident, you maybe waiting for help until it gets dark out. A flashlight will help you stay out of the darkness. Packing extra batteries to replace the others may also be a smart idea.

You never know what could happen out on the road especially in severe weather conditions. Avoid driving if unnecessary during predicted storms and prevent these disastrous situations.