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Should Your Electrical Business Invest In A Drone?

Should Your Electrical Business Invest In A Drone?

Each and every day, the world of tech surprises us with advancements that we one day could have never imagined. From 3D printers to driverless cars, technology is the way of our future. One of the most popular toys nowadays are drones. Drones are now being used in the professional environment. Photography and videography have particularly benefitted the use of drones. Below are five ways that your electrical company can benefit from being using a drone.


Job Planning & Preparation

A great use of a drone would be to inspect the area of your multiple job sites. An overhead shot of your location will help you prepare and plan and take very little effort with the help of the drone. This will also give you a better view on where connections meet, and if there are any structures that would be in the way of your work.

Safety Evaluation

While getting an overview of the electrical connections at your site, you will also be able to observe if you will encounter any safety hazards. This is important to know, should you have any workers on the roof. This will help you prepare and take extra safety precautions when doing the done.

Checking from Damaged or Downed Wires

Exterior damage of electrical connections can be common after a harsh storm, or other damaging situation. Often, you will need to evaluate the area of your jobsite without knowing exactly what damage you’ll be expecting. The use of a drone in this situation can help you prevent any injury to your crew, by simply using the camera to detect any unsafe condition.

Locating Hot Spots

A feature you can purchase along with the drone is a thermal detecting camera that cam help you locate hot spots within the walls of a structure that you may begin to work on. These thermal images could indicate shorts in the wiring or other electrical problems.

Ground to Rood Transport

Imagine how convenient it would be to transport material to your crew members that are actively working on rooftop. Although you would have to purchase a drone that can carry more than just a camera, it would be a helpful investment. instead of having crew members come down for small materials, the drone would help you save time.

Weigh your pros and cons about investing in a drone. Take the price of the drone and the possible licensing fees into consideration.