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Showcasing Your Work Online

Showcasing Your Work Online

By now, you’ve seen how our society revolves around the internet. Businesses have taken advantage and use the internet as a marketing tool. As a contractor, it is beneficial to understand how to properly showcase your work on the internet and gain potential customers.

Putting Yourself Out There

Your website should be available 24/7. Potential customers should be able to clearly see what work you do and do not provide. It is also best to include an “About Us” section where potential clients can feel a more personal relationship to your company. Make it easy for customers to find out about your business through search engines and make the information on your page clear. When in contact with these customers, be sure to treat them as kindly as possible. Even if they don’t contract you right away, your impression will stick and they may even hire you in the future.

Showcase Your Skills

Always be sure to show off your special skills across your social media and webpage. Taking interior and exterior pictures of all your completed projects is the best, and probably most convincing way to showcase your skills. Also, share pictures of your staff on the job so that customers can become familiar with your employees. The pictures can come in handy when your making propaganda for your company.

Helpful Information

Your website should be a resourceful place customers can visit and leave with helpful information. Share and write articles that may appeal to your costumers on a regular basis. You would also want to include commonly answered questions your customers may ask such as:

-When should I hire a contractor?

-How to prevent damages to objects pertaining to your type of work (Ex. Plumber, how to prevent frozen pipes in the Winter)

-Reasons why to have annual checkups (Ex. annual electrical inspection)

Share Customer Testimonials

It is a powerful tool to have previous or current clients share their experiences with your company. You can always ask for feedback on their experience and ask to share it for promotional reasons. Quote them across your webpage or even take the time to record them on camera to make a short clip for your advertising uses. Be sure to change and maintain fresh material!