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Snow Removal – Snow Plowing Insurance for New Jersey

Unfortunately our snow removal program for 2017-2018 has been cancelled. The insurance company providing coverage recently decided to stop writing.
snowplowing insurance

1.  Small to mid sized contractor program for . . .

  • Small commercial lots
  • Residential driveways
  • Private streets
  • NO public streets
  • NO Large parking lots where heavy equipment has to be used to remove snow.

The policy is all inclusive which provides liability coverage for the main business such as landscaping AND snow removal coverage.  FANTASTIC DEAL!

Let us write your contractor liability and the snow removal coverage will be included at practically NO COST. That’s correct, Practically no additional cost to include the snow removal coverage. Annual policy, not just for snow plowing. The policy must include ALL your business operations.

More information about our snow removal program

Please complete our quick contractor survey form below for a no-obligation quotation.  A typical one person landscaping and snow plowing business is approximately $1,400. a year.  That’s correct.  Landscaping general liability and snow removal coverage in one policy at this price.  NO plowing of public streets.  We have several good markets for commercial auto for better drivers.

2.  Larger contractor

For contractors who plow large areas such as hospitals, schools, big box stores, malls, public roads.

  • Large parking lots where heavy equipment is needed to move snow.  Malls, big box stores, schools
  • Hospitals
  • Public streets

rabbit with snow shovelSnow removal coverage only. (stand-alone program)

  • Policies start at $4,500. per season based on receipts / sales less than $50,000.
  • $6,600. per season based on receipts / sales between $50,001. and $100,000.
  • Policy MUST be paid in full, no financing. Only credit cards or bank teller checks accepted.
  • Copies of contracts (signed and dated) between your business and your clients.
  • Loss runs for the past 5 years
  • Copy of pre-season site inspection
  • Commercial auto insurance with limits equal to the snow removal liability must be maintained
  • If a member of ASCA, (Accredited Snow Contractors Assoc.) proof of membership, ASCA certificate in good standing
  • All information about when customer needs to be named additional insured.



Link to ASCA – Accredited Snow Contractors Association site