Locations: Florham Park, NJ and Marysville, PA

Snow Removal – Snow Plowing Insurance

For New Jersey, NJ, and Pennsylvania, PA

snowplowing insurance

We have FOUR programs for the 2018 – 2019 season


Program #1: We write your entire general liability policy for the entire year.  All operations.

This program is tailored for landscapers that do incidental snow removal work

If you are a contractor such as landscaping, masonry, or other, and snow removal work is done to make a little money, (incidental work) we can provide a general liability policy that includes snow removal work at a far better rate than a stand alone snow removal policy. We must write your general liability policy for the entire year. You must also plow with commercial vehicles.

Premium starts at $1,000.  The policy must be paid in full.

  • Small commercial lots
  • Residential driveways
  • Private streets
  • NO public streets
  • NO Large parking lots where heavy equipment has to be used to remove snow.

Program #2: Stand-Alone snow removal general liability policy

COMMERCIAL SNOW REMOVAL: Minimum Premium starts at $7,500. for New Jersey and $5,000. for Pennsylvania (plus taxes and fees)

  • commercial parking areas are acceptable with exceptions below
  • residential parking areas and driveways
  • NO high traffic areas
  • NO plowing of public street
  • No plowing of convenience stores, pharmacies, hardware stores, 24 hour locations, gas stations, supermarkets, banks with ATM’s, big box stores, stadiums, airports, hospitals, nursing homes, public roads, surgical centers, railroads, railroad stations, subway locations
  • NO snow / ice removal from roofs
  • Rating is based on number of owners and employees
  • Blanket additional insured is included
  • Primary & non-contributory is included
  • Blanket additional insured including completed operations is included
  • Blanket waivers of subrogation are available

Program #3 – Public streets and road plowing only

Minimum premium starts at $5,000.


Program #4 – Condo Associations and residential only, NO commercial

Minimum premium starts at $7,500. in NJ and in PA $5,000.



If you would like a quotation you MUST supply us with the following: Scan and email the documents to jim@franchinoinsurance.com

  • 5 years loss runs showing no or minor claims
  • List of locations to be plowed, including property owner, type of property, exact street address
  • Copy of your copy of this year’s contract with your customers
  • Copy of all of last year’s contracts with your customers

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Snow removal insurance is NOT commercial auto insurance!
Snow removal insurance or snow plowing insurance is general liability (GL) insurance that provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage. General liability (GL) policies cartoon bunny with snow shovelusually have two parts:

1) Premises and operations means injuries to people or property damage caused by the contractor while performing the operations of the business. In this case, snow removal.
Coverage example 1: While using a snowblower a rock or lump of snow is thrown and hits a person causing injury.
Coverage example #2: While driving a truck snowplowing it hits a parked car. This is NOT snow removal general liability insurance. This is commercial automobile insurance. Note* Commercial automobile, NOT personal automobile insurance must be carried on the vehicles.

2) Completed operations means something happens after the job is completed.
Coverage example #3 (completed operations) After snowplowing a person slips on the ice injuring oneself. They sue four months later after learning they have a slipped disk. Coverage is provided under the GL.
Snow plowing insurance is mostly completed operations insurance. Which means after a job is finished someone slips on the ice and gets injured and sues. The insurance company will defend and pay for the injuries if the snow-plower is negligent. Many of the lawsuits are filed many months after the snow is melted therefore the insurance company has no way to dismiss or defend against the lawsuit. That’s why the cost of snow removal insurance is so high.

Link to ASCA – Accredited Snow Contractors Association site