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Tips for Fire Safety At the Workplace

Tips for Fire Safety At the Workplace

CareerBuilder recently took a poll that found that nearly 1-4 full time employees felt unsure about how to respond in an emergency situation. As an employer, it is important to prepare your employees and workplace in the event a fire occurs. According the U.S. Fire Administration, the leading type of fire is residential. They are vastly responsible for a majority of deaths, injuries and property damage that often results in a homeowners insurance claim.

Of course, non-residential fires happen as well. Annually, 86,500 building fires take place. Approximately 85 deaths and over 1,300 injuries occur each year because of non-residential fires. The U.S.F.A. estimated that property losses toll to about $2.6 billion in a year. Chief human resources officer at CareerBuilders, Rosemary Haefer, say that readiness is the key to ensuring your employee’s safety.

Here are some tips from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration that you can follow in your business place:

Establish Fire Exits
Other than the main door everyone uses everyday, designated doors for groups of people should be distinguished. This way, everyone has different exits during an emergency and not everyone is exiting through one door, which can cause injuries. The exit doors should be easily accessible with no obstructions inferring.

Have Extinguishers Ready
Having fire extinguishers available to cover a certain amount of rooms is important. Employees should know where these extinguishers are and how to use them properly.

Evacuation Plan
An emergency escape plan should be detailed and well understood by all employees. It should include where everyone should part, where to congregate, and who to call.