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Tips for Handling Bad Online Reviews

We’ve all experience the rage of an unsatisfied customer. Typically, they are more willing to post a negative review about you or your company than coming to speak to you about the issue privately. There is no doubt that social media is a platform these customers will use. As contractors, you should know how to go about these issues without causing more damage to your business. Continue reading to learn some tips on how to go about dealing with these customers appropriately.

  • Don’t Ignore the Issue
  • Whatever has been publicly posted will remain there. It is best to answer the customer in a calm and helping tone, other than leaving the comment without response. Future clients will see your response as a caring position.

  • Don’t Deny a Problem Existed
  • If a customer feels as deeply to take their time to write a review, it is because there is a problem that needs to be addressed. Perhaps it’s miscommunication or a misunderstanding, however, it still needs to be resolved and ensure it does not happen again. The proper treatment needs to be taken with the client, the job site, and with your worker’s, as well, if any where involved. It is important to have your employees understand how to go about handling an unsatisfied customer in person, so that they don’t make the situation more damaging.

  • Don’t Argue with the Reviewer
  • No one likes to read negative comments about their business, but arguing with the reviewer won’t do your company any good. Even when the reviewer gets nasty, always reply with a will to resolve the issue. After replying publicly, take the time to contact them privately. You may still have the opportunity to keep the customer and learn some valuable information for your own business. Take these experiences as an occasion to grow. Without those customers that speak out, you wouldn’t know what your company needs to improve.