Locations: Florham Park, NJ and Marysville, PA

Upselling for Contractors

Are you up-selling your services? Being a contractor business owner has many parts. One of the parts, which is usually the easy part, is doing the physical / technical work. One of the other parts, that is harder, is to get the business. It doesn’t matter how good a technician you are unless you have the business. You need to up-sell your services.

When you go to a customer’s site to start the work on a project that you were called for do you ask “while I’m here, think of other work that needs doing” “It will be more cost effective to have me do it while I’m here” Do you look around and see things that need doing? If you see a bunch of appliances in the kitchen plugged into a power strip, do you suggest installing additional outlets?

If you are a plumber installing a new faucet, do you ask how the drains are working? Any clogged?

This is up-selling your services. More suggestions to follow in the next post.