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Wearing Jewelry as an Electrician: A Safety Hazzard?

Wearing Jewelry as an Electrician: A Safety Hazzard

On average, electrocutions kills about 140 contractors each year. We all know the risk electricians take when their career revolves around a risky condition. The most common injury due to electrical shocks can cause moderate to severe burns. This commonly happens to your hands, heels or your head. When the electrical shock is so grand, it can knock you off your feet, flying, and potential causing bruises, broken bones and spinal cord injuries. When the shock is so severe, it could cause you to go into cardiac arrest.

What some people may not know, is that the items you wear as an electrician can cause electrical shock. These items can include jewelry, keys, glasses and even some of your clothes. If you’re married, you probably like to keep on your wedding band, or perhaps you have some other type of religious piece you wear. Unfortunately, most rings, bracelets and necklaces are most of  metals that put you more at risk for electrocutions. Some electricians wrap their jewelry in materials that prevent them from the conduction of electricity, however, this can be time-consuming to do on the daily and it is also not always effective. Your best bet is to buy non-conductive materials.

  • Symbolic items: Wedding rings are important to many people. However, your wedding ring could be putting you at risk. Taking your wedding ring on and off is only increasing your risk of losing your jewelry. The safest alternative you should try out is purchasing a silicone ring, like the ones SafeRingz sell. The silicone prevents conduction of electricity and is also non-allergenic, resistant to hear and durable to withhold under rough conditions.
  • Medical alert bracelets: If you’re suffering from a medical condition such as allergies or diabetes, you probably wear a medical alert bracelet. Companies like MedIDs make silicone bracelets to  protect you both from electricity and of course whatever you’re condition is by having your bracelet available to Samaritans in case of any emergency. This company enables you to choose from different designs and their bracelets are waterproof as well.
  • Watches: Almost any chain stores sells silicones watches nowadays, with a wide range of styles and prices.