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Will Your Smart Phone Explode Too?

In recent news, Samsung has stopped the production of their Galaxy Note 7 due to exploding batteries. But is it possible that your smart phone will explode on you too? Most lithium-ion batteries are the types used in most of our electronics, including your laptop, your tablet and even Bluetooth speakers. The consequence of exploding batteries is due to companies pushing technology to the limit. As these tech companies add more to our phones, such as larger screens, the more energy these batteries need to produce.

So what exactly went wrong with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7? Samsung blames this recall on the fact that two parts of the battery that should not have touched came in contact. Although this is one way to cause exploding batteries, people are unaware what other ways this can occur. Puncturing the battery, even if by accident, can cause the battery to smoke and then burst into flames. Another way is by overcharging or charging the battery too quickly. Overcharging is like filling up a bucket with too much water. Many people commit this mistake by leaving their phone to charge overnight.

Although the Galaxy Note 7 experienced several hiccups in the road, what are the chances of our smart devices blowing up too? Well, Samsung isn’t the only company with exploding phone batteries this month. In New Jersey, a teenager reported feeling a hot spot burning through his back pocket. It turns out he punctured his iPhone 6S, while bending over to reach for his pencil that fell on the floor. Although lithium batteries have their issues, researchers say that you are more likely to die in a car accident, then having your phone battery explode. In fact, this happening to you, is as likely as you being struck by lightning (1 in 1,042,000) or winning a lottery jackpot (1 in 292 million).